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Stop. You are most certainly worth everything.

I want you to look in the mirror and find 3 things you like about yourself. Don’t tell me you can’t because you’re lying. It doesn’t have to be external, I know it seems like the outside world is all judged by appearance, but I know people see past that and will look at the person you are underneath.

Now think about everyone who loves you and cares about you. Think about how they would feel if they knew you were contemplating suicide. You don’t realize how much you’re loved and valued until it’s too late. Your family will think it’s their fault. Don’t impose that horrible guilt and grief that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. Think about how traumatized they will be. Everyone will wonder if it’s their fault. 

Suicide is a permanent ’solution’ to a temporary problem. I guarantee that you will overcome this feeling of unworthiness. Please please please, don’t give in. Talk to someone. It doesn’t matter who it is, just let them know that you are having suicidal thoughts and talk it over. 

Please remember that you’re beautiful and you are most certainly strong enough to overcome your problems. Stay beautiful :) xoxo


Well it really depends on how much you care about him. It sounds like you didn’t really care about him when you started going out, you were planning on using him to get what you wanted. That’s never good. Have your feelings for your boyfriend grown? You may just be in ‘like’. He’s a crush, but you don’t care that much about him. Are you sure you like the other guy more? Have you been one on one with him? Have you gotten a chance to get to know him? Because it would be horrible if you broke up with your boyfriend to go out with this guy who turns out to be a tool. So be careful. Make sure he likes you too, he could just be flirting!

In the end, I can only give you advice. You make these decisions. Trust your instincts, they’re right I promise!



Umm i don’t think I got the first part of your question. Here’s my advice based on what you told me.

It’s hard when he’s not in the same grade as you because you don’t see him that often, and its possible that he might be playing you. Don’t be mad at me for saying that. Unfortunately it might happen. So guard your heart. Let yourself like him, but don’t fall head over heels with feelings he might not be able to reciprocate. 

If you want to talk to him, find common ground. Maybe you both like hockey, or you both watch gLee, i don’t know! Establish that friendship base with him. 

Don’t let this run your life though. Enjoy your friendships. Have fun with your family. Enjoy life!

xo L


First off, I’m so sorry for your loss. It is such a tough thing to go through, especially with someone you love so much. Now I want to know: when you think of Katelyn, do you think about your fights, bad times and death? I don’t think so. You think off all of the amazing times you two had together, talking and laughing and enjoying yourselves. Now I want you to think very hard about this and please answer honestly: Knowing Katelyn as much as you did, do you truly believe that she would want you to kill yourself? Do you really think that she would want you to die as well? She really cared for you. Please don’t end your life. Katelyn didn’t want to end hers, it happened in a tragic accident. It sounds like she loved life and soaked up every bit of it by being energetic and bright. As long as you are alive, the piece of her inside you will thrive. As long as you keep her memory alive, the candle that is Katelyn will still flicker brightly. Please don’t take this out on yourself. It is not your fault. Talk with your family, set up a foundation for her. Just make sure that she will always be remembered by all. Let your emotions out, but don’t let them run you. You are so very beautiful. I know that Katelyn will always be with you, always. Stay strong, I promise it will get better.


Sure thing!(:

Glad I could help!


hey! :)

I’m so glad that your guy likes you!

The first thing you have to do now is confront your guy friend. Unfortunately you can’t skip this step. If you don’t, you could potentially string your guy friend along even though you don’t mean to. Soo, try and let him know how much you value your friendship and how you really hope that you guys can still be friends.Then take some time before moving forward with your guy, give your friend some time to heal. But I remember that time is limited in your case soo, just follow your heart! It won’t lead you wrong, I promise! xx


Love is crazy. Don’t ask me to try and explain it because I can’t! Why shouldn’t you like him? He seems like a great guy. Unfortunately, you haven’t had the chance to get to know him yet. But don’t worry, give it time. Its cute that he skipped 5th period just to see you. My advice is just to wait and let this relationship grow for a while until you have a better idea of what he’s like. Then you can judge what to do. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Enjoy where you are at the moment, live your life and have fun with your friends and family! xo


sure! :)


Well it sounds like he likes you! Enjoy the time you have together and stay connected to him. It can be really hard to make the first moe, so maybe you can start by leaving little hints like “I really want to go see that movie, but no one will go with me!”. Maybe ask around to see if he likes you, but don’t be too obvious. Just keep being yourself and if he doesn’t like you for you, then he just isn’t worth it! xo